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About Benchmark Registrar Representative

Benchmark Registrar Representatives provides sales of ISO certifications by three accredited ISO Registrars, three NRTLs with eight Affiliated offices in the USA and Canada. A comprehensive analysis of each ISO registrar is supplied to our clients, based on specific requirements. As part of our sales presentation, the client receives an analysis of cost, resource allocation, accreditations, capabilitites and value added services of each registrar, at no additional cost.

Our accredited registrar partners, account for more than 30,000 ISO certifications in the USA, Canada and around the world.
Medical Device
HDMI Cable
Our Registrars are current members of the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) for all accredited ISO Certifications. The Registrars are accredited through ANAB(USA), SCC(Canada), TGA(Germany) and IATF(Automotive) for each ISO Standard.

Benchmark provides the testing of various products (Medical, Industrial, Vibration & Lighting) through three Nationally Recognized Test Labs, as well as the CB Scheme for various countries.

If you would like a quote for comparison purposes, please contact our offices and a sales person will provide a comparative analysis.


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